Friday, December 25, 2009

Fairy Geisha Commission

A commission I finished up for a friend of mine, Raven! She wanted this for her daughter. I painted it rather big, so the smaller pic loses it's detail, so check it out a little bigger. :) Might even put a bigger one for detail, no clue.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shark Swimming Animation--rough!

I'm working on a game with my friend Scott Woods for the iPod Touch. Here's just a quick rough animation of the main character having a swim. Got the go ahead to at least put this baby up for now, dunno how much more I'll do, but I'll see if I can do the cleanup once it's done, too!!

And then the colour version-- tho this is me just screwing around-- the peg bar moved it looks like so he jumps a bit-- Gunna have to rescan! And do some better shading.

He'll be like, the size of your fingernail on the screen, probably smaller, haha.

Images and animation © Scott Woods 2009

Friday, December 04, 2009

Captain Kife Cd Cover

Here's the cover and cd art I did for my friends band, Captain Kife!

(I'll add a bigger version once I get the go-ahead)

I spent the most time on the background and wish I spent more time on the people :P Oh well!

The cd is a 4 song EP and my buddy Aaron (guitarist, singer, song writer) came home with 1000 of these puppy's to sell!

It's.. intense to see 1000 of something you drew altogether in 3 boxes :D And it'll be a great feeling knowing some people will have this disc in their collection.

So if anyone is interested, you can listen to some of their tunes here!:

Captain Kife
$5 for the EP, if anyone is interested. I'm quite sure they'll mail copies away!

Their official EP release is in January, but they'll be releasing a few cd's at the upcoming Moneen show, in Kingston Ontario (if you know, anyone local is seeing this) on the 11th of December!

Whether you want a cd or not, check them out, they've got some killer tunes :D I recommend Applications

Artwork by Gus Kosmopoulos
© Captain Kife and Aaron Lavigueur, 2009
Guitar, leads vocs: Aaron Lavigueur
Guitar: Andrew Wylie
Bass, backups: Phil Dimopoulos
Drums: Andrew Kirby (ex-My Brilliant Theory)

Kife - (descriptive noun) a term used to describe shitty weed in the Greater Napanee area and surrounding area. Not associated with how the music sounds.