Various from 2012

Model: Me

Models: Hilary Jane Petersen and Jessica Petersen-Wisteard.

My buddy, Froggy

~Extreme Style - Behind the Scenes Photoshoot~

May 24th, 2012

Kirtsan R.

Kirstan R.

Kirstan R.

Chelcee Danger Tayler, Michael Grills

Amanda Hamilton, Michael Grills

Amanda Hamilton

Kirstan R., Chelcee Danger Taylor

Amanda Hamilton

Chelcee Danger Taylor, Michael Grills

Chelcee Danger Taylor, Michael Grills

Amanda Hamilton


My Balcony and Backyard

Kingston Waterfront

I do photography mostly for fun, to get my own references or textures, or once in a while (seldomly) I'll be called to do some actual paid photography work.

All of these were shot in Kingston, Ontario.

For now, here's some stuff I did for fun.  Be careful about using 'em, I've my initials hidden throughout all these pics. Multiple times.  :)

All images photographed and © Gus Kosmopoulos 2012.
Please do not copy or redistribute without permission.

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