Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finishing touches

I've working on the Damp Athetic film I did for my 4th year film at Sheridan. it's done already, I finished it, but there were things about it that bugged me. So? first stop, reworking some of the backgrounds to look better. So this is a 'work in progress' on the animated music video for Captain Kife. one of the opening shots!

I'm still plugging away at this, but I'll put an updated version up soon. Ish.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Just a quick sketch to throw up I did in about 30 mins...

And then a personal piece I'm working on currently! It's gunna be bigger than it is... I tend to draw big 'cause I like to put detail into these kind of pieces. I have a heavy hand, so it helps! I'll just mount this on some more craft paper. But I've been wanting to do a series of these Mardi Gras/Voodoo type of girls. So here's the first one? Work in Progress.

I do my own stuff inbetween the mountain of commissions I have to do to relax me. Commissions get tedious, as much as I love doing them! this round was mostly tedious due to myself; i just took too much on at once! but I'm hammering through it, and I'm not one to give up on stuff or back down easily. So! ... that's what tonight is about.

Moved into my new apartment! fucking -love- it. I couldn't be happier with this place! Lots of light, lots of space (14 foot high ceilings!) and right in the heart of downtown Kingston. I'm slowly building a base here in Kingston, getting more well known and just.. you know, getting the word out! I'm a big DIY (do it yourself) guy. So i'm also saving up for warehouse space for a studio next November. Goooood times ahead!