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Because of some past experiences with clients, I have to request that I receive %50 of the payment up front before I go full into a piece of work.   I can provide sketches and rough work to show what I had planned (or based on your input) but before I go into details, colours, lines and inks I will require %50 of the payment up front.  I apologize for any inconvenience, but art is how I make my living; it’s how I pay my rent, bills, food, and all of that.

Thank-you for understanding.


  • 8"x10" -      $15 
  • 11"x14"      $20 
  • 11"x17"*-   $30
  • 12"x18"*-   $35
Bigger sizes: $40-60 (poster sizes)                      
  •  -- Want to add a frame? add another $5 to the total!
                        -- ** $10  added on 11"x17 and up sizes for frames.

Tattoo's and Designs:

$75-300   --  I'll essentially charge a little less than what a tattoo artist will charge (hourly) for an original or redrawn tattoo. Good tattoos are worth the money, as is good artwork!

Originals Pieces/paintings


From original pencil sketches, to paintings, these will have their own price tags. Prices are based on time spent on piece and cost of materials to paint it (brushes, paints, canvas, canvas size, paper).   

Digital Portraits (realistic/comic book/charicatures)

 $150 starting base price for one person (bust shot), simple/abstract background.
  $50-$75 for a detailed background
                           (depending on scene, detail, etc. If very simple, no charge)                     
  $30 extra to add a second person (2 subjects), $10 for each additional subject after.

  • Bust/Head Shot portrait 
  •        (shoulders/chest and up)         -  $150*  
  • Waist and Up portrait               -    $150-175*
  • Full Body portrait                       -  $175-225*    
    • For portaits, you can either send me photos of yourself or a friend/family member (pets included!) or I can either have you come here or I can visit you so that I may draw you to start off the sketch if you so prefer - at no extra cost! 
    • For pets, I will charge less, so let me know and we will work out the prices!  
    • In cases of drawing you in person, after the session and reference drawings have been made, the sketch would then be detailed and coloured in Photoshop.  And I'll usually give you the original pieces of artwork and sketches if you so desire - as long as you guys let me take a photograph of it so that I may have a copy of it for myself or my portfolio!  :)
    • I encourage anyone to come and get drawn if they so wish, don't be shy!


Single shot/character posing or in action:

                                                   Full Colour -Monochrome- Black & White
                                                                                                  or Pencil Sketch

  • Bust/Head Shot Portrait 
  • (shoulders/chest and up)        - $30 *                 - $20*      - $10*
  • Waist and Up portrait       - $50*                     $40*         $30*
  • Full Body                              - $100*                     $80*         $70*
Add a   
Detailed Background:          $20  extra              $15 extra   $10 extra
                                                  $30                           $25              $15
                                                  $40                           $30              $25

 *depending on detail, or if you want a detailed background included.
These are character drawings – not realism.  Other people have characters they’ve drawn, or written in a story and like to see how it’d look in someone else’s style.  Sometimes I will do trades with another artist; they draw my character, I’ll draw theirs.  But it depends on my time frame.

 This includes fan art as well!                                             


Base: $200 (including materials). Goes up depending on how large/complicated the piece is.

I've had the pleasure in the past to paint small to large murals on peoples walls, wood surfaces, even skateboards! It's ranged from full pieces with backgrounds and such, to simple line art of figures or designs to accent walls, wall corners, or furniture and stair cases.


For any artwork/piece that can't be classified in a group!


                  (can be from real life or made up - realistic or fantastical - including
                structures such as barns, an old run down building, singular structures):  

      Digital:  $70-$250* ,**                      Paints/Real Mediums: $80-$500*, **

                                * depending on detail and size
                             ** depending on detail, medium and size of canvas
                                   or canvas/illustration board/heavy stock paper


         (can be from real life or made up - realistic or fantastical - from a
           house in the country,  or in the city on it's own, to streets, to parks, etc)

      Digital: $70-$300*, **                      Paints/Real Mediums: $100-600*, **

                                * depending on detail and size
                              ** depending on detail, medium and size of canvas
                                   or canvas/illustration board/heavy stock paper


  • $20-$28 an hour, negotiable.
  • There are some projects I will give a base price for
I'll sometimes get contracts where I work on a project until it's completed, and then my work is finished with that client/company.

Also, I've done store sign designs, signs for small shops and/or for people selling wares or items out of their house.

The cost of doing these types of projects varies.  It depends on a lot of factors such as materials used and expenses on said materials (such as paint, spray paint, inks, etc), hours put in, as well as the size of the project.  I will buy the materials needed myself and bring you the bill so that you know how much I am spending, and those items will be included in the final price.

Contact me and we will discuss the project so that I may determine a rough price for you!

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