Monday, July 25, 2011

"Goodbye, Butterfly"

No significance, just an idea I thought up of. A simpler image is on my website,, but I decided to go on ahead and finish it. :) Was pretty fun to do. I'll tell yah one thing, window cracks are a bitch.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Stick speed painting + Sketches!

I limited myself to an hour when I did this, but it came to around 45-46 mins... trying to see how quick and accurately I can do this :) but I think I can simplify my shading and maybe make a few new brushes to help me out...

And some life drawings based off of some of her photos. I need to practice now that I can't get to life drawing, and she's a wonderful subject for it ;)

I'll put up other life drawing sketches in a collection in an upcoming post!

go visit this beautiful girls website! See what she has to offer!
Vanilla7 Stick

Saturday, July 09, 2011


A redesign of an old character of mine named Ophelia. Succubus, think she was my first homage to Darkstalkers. :D but yeah! I'm trying to work out a few comic sequential pages with her and her fighting style. it's a bit peculiar, but! it'd be way, way fun to show in sequence the shit she can do :)

I'll probably end up colouring this and fixing mistakes as I do!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hipster Girls with Horns

Old characters of mine, Satana and Rosalyn. Satana's got blue hair in this one for some reason... and Rosalyn's one of my homage's to Darkstalkers. :) I loved that game as a teenager. Monsters fighting monsters? suuuuure!

I did these inbetween commission work to keep myself going. I started a new job developing artwork and animation for some ipod games, and so far it's been fun as hell. :) I finally get paid by the hour to do what I love, AND i get to have a lot of freedom with it!

Good summer. :)

Soon I'll have prints up here for sale, in a nice organized list. I'll also add commission prices here... also... <-- will be up soon. don't go just yet, because my 'coming soon' pic isn't done!

Saturday, July 02, 2011


Here are a few commissions I worked on :) I don't get to put many of them up, but the ones I get permission for or that I really, really enjoyed, I throw them on here. :)

I did a humming bird for an ex-cooworker friend of mine named Carloyn! I tried to change the colours around a bit for her so she had more to choose from.

And the second is a business card my friend Lin commissioned from me! this one I highly enjoyed doing. When I get to work in my style on a commission, it's amazing. :D