Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beautiful Gone

Working title. Eeeh..

The girl is done in coloured pencil and the background was done digitally. Honestly, I've no clue what I was doing with the background. It'd be nice to retry doing it, but I can't work on this one anymore right now, haha.

I've had this sitting around for a week or two. I wanted something to put up while I worked away. It'll be one laaaarge dump of finished images and sketches, like I had mentioned before! So stay tuned :)

Thursday, December 05, 2013

New Artwork Soon!

Heyhey, guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates in.. uhm, ages... but you'll be seeing one large, massive update from me soon!

I kind of ran into a little artist trouble along the way.. y'know, that old friend, self doubt? Well I've been hanging out with some great artists recently, and have just been sketching and working along with them, either on my stuff, collabs, whatnot... and I just got humbled.

Meaning? I feel like my stuff isn't good enough right now, or not where it's supposed to be.  I don't think what I have is good enough juuust yet, but I've been drawing and practicing (and bleeding and sobbing a little) to get myself better.

Every artist is hard on his or her self, and sometimes we just have to be.  It's that little extra push that's going to help us out.  I'm not mad or disheartened that some people can draw or paint better than I can. It just solidifies my resolve to be better.

Some nights my sketches may look like shit, and some nights they may look better than anything I've put out.  But I'll never give up.

No one ever said being an artist and living off your art was easy.

But I want to thank-you all for the patience, and that you come back here to check what I've done! I can't believe I'm up to 12,000 page views! Seriously!

Free humjobs for all! :D