Monday, May 23, 2011

Thinking in Blue

because sometimes when I'm alone, my mind drifts to times that make me smile.

And old drawing from last year that I tried my best to fix and ink/colour digitally.. , but I like the roughness of the inking and the colours I used. Kinda different than my usual stuff, I guess?

print of this available soon!

Vanilla7 Stick

I had the pleasure to get in contact with this lady! She does modeling work, makes clothing and costumes (as well as accessories)and just so happened to love my artwork! She's a great girl to talk to! So I did this for her as thank-you/commission/art trade/gift (phew). And it was completely my pleasure, she's been motivating me, art wise.

She wanted herself drawn as a cat!

So I kind of took the Darkstalkers approach... I looked up reference pictures of Felicia while doing this. So I guess.. she's a were-cat? i dunno what to classify her as! Either way, I'm happy with how this came out and she's very happy with how this came out as well. :)

Go visit her site and maybe hire her for some shoots! Or buy her items!

-->Vanilla7 Stick<--