Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A few new things...

Sorry I haven't kept up with this! It's been really busy around these parts. I plan on changing that from here on out, however!  So here's a few new pieces to take a gander at :D

This was a commission piece from my friend Leigh (who has been a great supporter!).  This was of him and his father, who had passed away.  Both are great musicians and he wanted something serene like this to go along with his memories.

Tried a bit of a different approach to this than my usual.

Floe and Streex! Two characters you meet in issue #1 of Eighth Sin!

I had trouble doing shots of heads looking up, so I did some 30sec-1min head shot sketches from whatever I could find.

And my Blacklight painting of 'Carrie' from.. uh Carrie'.

Watch the movie of me painting it here! I just had some fun with it.