Friday, March 14, 2014

Azrael Amai: The Fire Queen

Azrael Amai, another character you meet later on in my comic Eighth Sin. She's cousins with the ice queen, Inada Amai and rules the lands down south near the equator.

Like her cousin counterpart, she controls fire, lava, heat waves/air, anything that could be hot. It is said that anyone who gets close to her will get warmer and wamrer; lay a hand on her, and you risk combusting into flame. 

No one can really get near her aside from her cousin (and other elemental aspects), but the last time they did that they covered half the province in mist and fog. 

Azrael Amai © Gus Kosmopoulos and Kris Jacque 2014.
Artwork © Gus Kosmopoulos 2014

Yeaaaars ago, Kris had leant me her character Azrael to use in my comic! She's changed appearances a bit (and made into a human) but the basis of this design was on Kris's character, so I wanted to make sure that was known :)