Monday, March 05, 2007


I like to try my hand at everything when it comes to making/drawing/whatever with pictures. :) So here's a little photo manipulation I did using my girlfriend Angel, one stock photo I found from the internet and a buncha landscape/stock photos I took from back home in Napanee or various places. I had fun with this. :) Fun and quick to do.

For a week now my drawing ability has been shit :P I dunno what the hell happened, but I haven't been able to draw anything. Until maybe last night/this morning. So I might have to hand in my character design assignment late. Which completely sucks, but man did I ever try and draw. You should see all the bad roughs I have from this project.

But like I said, it came back to me finally so things will hopefully work themselves out

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Yuriy Sivers said...


I couln't see the enlarged version of this picture (it shows an error) but from what i see it looks sick!!!