Monday, July 14, 2008

More characters and news

Woo! So my animation (tho cut up and.. odd, tho expected) is on the site for Tara Oram now, on CMT! The "Tara Oram Diaries' premires on CMT on July 20th at 9pm I think? I'm not too sure! but here's the link so far: The Tara Oram Diaries! Doug did some editting to it, added the background, but hey, came out okay.

Right on the bottom right, I think. Woo! I may not have been totally satisfied with it, but it's cool to know it's gunna be on tv. :) Woo! again!

Did this diddy while I was bored.

The scan came out like shit. :( Gunna try and rescan it somewhere else, but for now....

Satana; Daughter of Misery.

.... ... you know....

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