Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hipster Girls with Horns

Old characters of mine, Satana and Rosalyn. Satana's got blue hair in this one for some reason... and Rosalyn's one of my homage's to Darkstalkers. :) I loved that game as a teenager. Monsters fighting monsters? suuuuure!

I did these inbetween commission work to keep myself going. I started a new job developing artwork and animation for some ipod games, and so far it's been fun as hell. :) I finally get paid by the hour to do what I love, AND i get to have a lot of freedom with it!

Good summer. :)

Soon I'll have prints up here for sale, in a nice organized list. I'll also add commission prices here... also...

http://www.itsdeadly.com <-- will be up soon. don't go just yet, because my 'coming soon' pic isn't done!

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