Sunday, January 01, 2012

Mind of My Own

‎'Misery' is a character from my comic (with all the other characters). Tried to include little subtleties in this one.

Her tale has always been a sad one in the comic for years. I've been trying to figure out little stories and everything to mix in with the main plot. And when I make characters, I can't help but come up with a back story.

But this'll be the third and last of the 'Misery' series. She's been sad long enough, taken enough of me (whenever I feel rough, she takes the abuse from me.. and that's just not fair), so you will see her happy in the next picture! and it'll probably be the last you see of Misery.

She'll be turned into Hope.

based off of 'Mind of my Own' by Strung Out.

Artwork done entirely in Photoshop CS5 with a Graphire 4.

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