Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Moleskin books

I've recently been getting into drawing on the covers of moleskin books.  It's an idea I saw first on DeviantArt, then all over Etsy.  I thought they all looked pretty damn cool honestly, so figured I'd try my hand. 

My first was a greek themed one which sold quite quickly! So I decided to draw up another one, which is this one here:

"Open Murder"

This was the second moleskin book I sold!  And since this one went the same day I had put it up for sale, I started working on a third...

"They Cannot Be Stopped"

One hundred and twenty some-odd zombies present in my third moleskin book.  THIS was super fun to do. And guess what? It sold right away as well!  These things are amazing! I'm glad people like these 'cause I'm having a shit-ton of fun drawing them up 

And it's neat to see how people handle these.  I spray all of these and treat them so they don't fade or wear quickly.  Then I tuck them into a plastic sleeve.  The first buyer said he's never going to open his book. :D

The second started using it for his notes in his business. 

And the third.. I'm not quite sure.  I think he'll use it.  But either way, whether they use it or not, I'm just happy they like these books.

So?  That means more on the way. 


Jesse Craig said...

These are wicked Gus just thought i would let you know again.

Anonymous said...

Would love to get my paws on one of these notebooks, if you ever do a cat-themed one, I'm sure it'll get snatched up right away. :)


-= Gus Kosmopoulos =- said...

Just let me know what you'd like, sometime.