Monday, July 20, 2015

Sereana Amai, Queen of Nightmares

It's been a while, amiright?

Sorry, life's been kinda kicking my ass and got myself into a block. BUT! I think I'm busting out of it now as I finished something for myself.

This is Sereana Amai, Queen of Nightmares. Like her two cousins, Inada and Azrael, she was one of the many who suddenly manifested powers (and a jewel in her forehead) when the world was on the verge of breaking.

Like her cousins, she seeminly has a very long life, but her powers differ from the elements. She controls the dead and anything of the like. However, her nightmares are controlled by her 'shadow', an odd doppleganer (under her) who had given her nightmares endlessly until she learned to control it.

Her shadow can conjure up some of the most intense and horrifying visions and manifest them into reality, and she is uncontrollable aside from Sereana herself pulling the reins. It obeys her because it is her, but misery to her enemies who fall under the sight of her nightmares.

Sereana Amai © Gus Kosmopoulos 2015
Please do not copy or redistribute without permission.

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