Friday, March 02, 2012

The Silmarillion: Of Fingolfin and Morgoth

A commission my friend Joe asked me to do for him. It's something I've never really done or approached, but this was reaaaaaal fun to do and experiment with.

No under drawing, just straight into Photoshop and painted. And I think if I work anymore on it and continue being nitpicky, I'll go nuts. used a combination of a rock texture with brushes from for the background. Could of tightened some rocks a bit..

But yeah, if any of you have read the Silmarillion, you'll know this showdown between Fingolfin and Morgoth. I tried to do what I could to represent them well. Hopefully!

Morgoth and Fingolfin are © J.R.R. Tolkien 2012, all rights reserved. I believe that's right.

Artwork by me.

Thanks, Joe!

See? I draw more than a few pinup girls.


Sean said...

This is far and away THE coolest rendition of this scene from The Silmarillion I've ever seen. Ever consider selling a print?

-= Gus Kosmopoulos =- said...

Thanks a lot man! It was a commission for a friend, but I've since got permission to (finally) sell it as a print!
I'm working on another Silmarillion piece right now-- Forging of the Silmarils :)