Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autumn at Rest

'Autumn at Rest'

Finally finished! Told myself I wouldn't do anything major for updating until I finished this.  Drew it two years ago, picked at it all year and I believe I am done.

Autumn is one of my angel characters from my comic, Eighth Sin.

The only thing I didn't paint was the Monet painting. I tried to redo it but I couldn't mimic his style.  I really wanted one of his 'Water Lily' images to be in the background ('cause I'm such a big fan ), so I left it. :)

I'm trying to do more environments... and actually do them quickly.  So we'll see how the next one does.

But really, who rests like that?

Autumn at Rest © Gus Kosmopoulos 2013

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Ronnibear said...

Hi Gus! Your art is awesome! I randomly remembered your name from my days lurking around Yerf. Long loooong loooong time ago, LOL. Anyway I'm so happy to see you're still doing art, and WINNING, I must say. So keep up the good work, man!